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Land services

Encompass a range of tasks such as surveying, title searches, deed transfers, and town planning,which are essential for property/Land development and transactions.

Pest Control

Crucial for eliminating and managing pests in homes or businesses.Safeguard your space from unwanted pests with expert tips. With effective strategies and methods for pest control, including fumigation techniques.

Data services

Creating, validating, modeling, and implementing databases; defining the metadata as per international standards

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Public health Service

Vector control for household pests at Kwembe ward,

03rd August -03rd November
Second Parcels Registration

Transfer of certificates of right of occupancy as per Land Act.

Ilala DCB, 03rd August -Ongoing

First Parcels Registration

Revision of TP drawing and Re-surveying for parcels Registration.

Kigambon Municipal, 11st July -Ongoing

Kibaha Township, 03rd May -Ongoing

Drone Mapping

Generation of Orthophotos and DEM with aid of Dji Mavic 2 pro.

Mbeya, Uyole AREA : Completed

Pugu,DSM: Completed

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